As of January, a total of 274 hydrogen refueling stations were in operation across the globe, almost 30% of which were inaugurated last year.  83 of the 92 stations that were opened in 2016 are publicly-accessible. The others are dedicated to refueling buses and fleets. Currently there are 106 stations operating in Europe, 101 in Asia, 64 in North America, two in South America and one in Australia. 188 of these are publicly-accessible. Plans for 90 future sites worldwide have already been announced.

The Telegraph shows us how filling your fuel cell vehicle with hydrogen works.

A partnership of Royal Dutch Shell and automaker Toyota will build seven fueling stations for hydrogen cars in the US state of California. California’s goal is to have 100 retail sites where hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can fill up by 2024. Currently the state has just 25 of these stations. Shell currently operates six hydrogen stations – four stations in Germany and two in the Los Angeles area. Later this month, Shell will operate a seventh near London’s Heathrow Airport in the UK.

A trial is underway in the UK city of London to convert streetlights connected to UK Power Networks’ electricity network in central London into charge points for electric vehicles. The trial in Onslow Gardens s allows two local residents to charge their vehicles from a street light near their front door, and receive accurate bills for their electricity use via their smart phone or computer. This technology avoids the need to build new electricity networks and makes better use of the cables, particularly in the daytime when the lights are switched off.

In the US, VIA Metropolitan Transit of San Antonio, Texas recently announced plans to purchase 270 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses. The purpose is to replace aging buses in its current fleet, which are at least 15 years old.

The South America country of Bolivia plans to convert 20,000 vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG). Since 2010 more than 135,000 vehicles in the country have been converted to CNG, with the majority operating in the transportation sector.


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