World energy demand should grow 25% by 2030, mostly supported by the needs of emerging markets, French oil major Total’sChief Executive Christophe de Margerie said.

Low natural gas prices in the US mean the fuel is likely to gain significant market share as a transport fuel, said Mark Williams, the Downstream Director of Shell.

The shutdown of Japan’s last working nuclear power plant and the government’s failure to convince a wary public about restoring production at dozens of reactors leaves the world’s third largest economy facing another summer of severe power shortages.

Installation of solar panels in the UK dropped 90% in the weeks following the government’s decision to cut subsidies on April 1st. Government officials claim that the subsidies were a large economic burden that would eventually increase electricity prices of UK consumers.

Growth of solar power capacity in Italy, the world’s second-biggest market, is expected to slow to 1.5 to 2.5 GW in 2012 after a 9.5 GW leap in 2011, due to a planned cut in incentives, a senior industry official said.

Pakistan is seeking $11 billion in Chinese assistance to overcome the nation’s energy crisis The funding and expertise would be used to kick start 19 major energy projects to remove energy bottlenecks.  The projects include hydro power, coal-fired plants and renewable energy.

The Government of Liberia in West Africa has declared the country’s high cost of electricity a national emergency which is negatively affecting economic growth. The cost of electricity is about 54 cents per kilo watt hour; the highest in Africa. To remedy this, the country intends to devote 10% of government expenditures to the electrical grid over the next three years. The goal is to bring the cost down to the level of 22-25 cents per kilo watt hour.

Europe’s economic slump is allowing utilities in some countries to burn increasing amounts of cheap, highly polluting coal for electricity generation and still meet legally binding targets to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

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