The Fukushima disaster could lead to a 15 % fall in world nuclear power generation by 2035, while power demand at the same time could rise by 3.1 % a year, according to a draft of the International Energy Agency’s 2011 World Energy Outlook.

A shale oil play is starting to emerge in the Mackenzie Plain and Franklin Mountains areas of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Holding leases in the area are Husky Oil, ConocoPhillips, MGM Energy, Shell, and Imperial Oil.

A huge oil discovery by the Spanish company Repsol beneath the rocky, barren plains of Patagonia has sharply boosted Argentina’s potential to cash in on energy. The discovery includes 927 million barrels of recoverable oil and natural gas, of which 741 million barrels is shale oil.

Australia is entering its golden age of natural gas production and is set to become the world’s supermarket for liquefied natural gas. With more than 15 LNG projects under consideration, Australia’s LNG production is expected to triple within 10 years.

A Polish company said it believes its hydraulic fracturing of a shale gas well in Ukraine is the first conducted in the country. Kulczyk Oil said it used fracking technology on a Ukrainian shale gas play that yielded a preliminary flow rate of around 2.3 million cf/d.

China needs nearly a decade to build the roads, pipelines and other infrastructure to bring its considerable shale gas reserves to market, an analyst predicted in Singapore.

Libya’s oil output is almost at a third of its prewar levels, the country’s acting oil minister said Monday.

Natural gas flowed directly from Russia into the European Union for the first time on Tuesday, after the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, formally opened the Nord Stream pipeline linking the two countries under the Baltic Sea.

International airlines should be exempt from the European Union’s planned curbs on carbon-dioxide emissions, a UN aviation panel said in a declaration that drew together China, Russia, and the U.S.

Cuts in export duties pushed Russia’s oil production, the world’s largest, to a post-Soviet high of 10.34 million b/d in October.

Brazil’s crude oil exports will triple to 1.5-1.6 million b/d by 2020, from 520,000 b/d now, according to Petrobras’ CEO Gabriell.

Amid a growing population and robust economy, India is finding it increasingly difficult to increase its coal supply. Although the government aims to double power generation over the next decade, India faces a shortage of about 100 million tons of coal in the coming year.

Alaska is considering shipping its natural gas to western ports for processing into liquefied natural gas for Asian markets.

Another wind farm opened in West Virginia this week with 61 turbines stretched across 12 miles generating up to 98 megawatts of electricity. But the novel element is a cluster of big steel boxes housing the largest battery installation attached to the power grid in the US.


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