Siluria Technologies says it can produce large quantities of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and chemicals from natural gas, at a cost of roughly $1 per gallon given today’s natural gas prices. Siluria’s inexpensive process uses a chemical catalyst to take methane molecules from natural gas and combine them into ethylene, which can be processed with other catalysts to produce liquid fuels.

Russia’s state-owned Gazprom signed a natural gas deal with the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation in May. Under the first phase of the new 30-year contract, Russia will supply China 38 billion cubic meters (bcm), or 1.3 trillion cubic feet, per year of natural gas starting in 2018. Future phases could increase this volume to as much as 60 bcm.  Construction on the natural gas pipeline to China is planned for early September.

Egypt and Israel are negotiating deals that may mean the sale of $60 billion in Israeli natural gas to liquified natural gas (LNG) plants in Egypt.

Hydraulic fracturing for shale oil and gas is about to move into the Canadian Arctic, with companies exploring the region’s shale deposits.

Gulf of Mexico acreage up for auction could lead to the production of between 116 million and 200 million barrels of crude oil and 538 billion and 938 billion cubic feet of natural gas, the US Interior Department said. The auction last week attracted $109 million in high bids for 81 tracts of water covering more than 433,000 acres off the coast of the US state of Texas.

Construction of the world’s largest tidal energy array is ready to begin offshore Scotland later this year. The 398 megawatt MeyGen project will comprise of almost 300 three-bladed turbines in the seabed of the Pentland Firth’s Inner Sound, the stretch of water that separates the Scottish mainland from Stroma Island. When completed, it will generate enough electricity to power 175,000 Scottish homes.

India had an installed wind energy capacity of just over 21,200 megawatts, with an estimated 2 gigawatts to be added between April 2014 and March 2015. Wind energy has a share of almost 67% in India’s renewable energy capacity.


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