Solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity installed in the UK has now reached 5 gigawatts (GW), making it just the sixth country to hit this landmark figure. Germany remains the undisputed leader, with more than 37  GW. China, Japan, Italy and the United States each have more than 10 GW of PV installed.

The US now gets less than 2% of its crude oil from the West African nation of Nigeria, compared with 7% in 2011.

Oil of DRCongo, owned by Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler, said it has discovered around 3 billion barrels of crude oil within the Democratic Republic of Congo. The crude was discovered around Lake Albert on Congo’s eastern border with Uganda.

An oil shale industry in the US states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming is likely to be about one-third the size it had been envisioned. Instead of a 1.5-million b/d industry, the more likely scenario is 500,000 b/d according to estimates by the National Oil Shale Association.

China has halved the amount of shale gas it expects to produce by 2020 after early exploration efforts proved challenging. China is believed to hold the world’s largest technically recoverable shale resources, but so far drilling has yielded only one large find, the Fuling field in Sichuan. Experts say the Fuling success is hard to repeat elsewhere due to complex geology and high cost of production.

Natural gas production from the Marcellus shale in the US has surpassed 15 billion cf/d and now represents 40% of US shale gas production, making it the largest producing shale gas basin in the country. While the region’s rig count has leveled off at around 100 rigs over the past 10 months, improvements in drilling productivity have enabled operators to more efficiently drill new wells. Marcellus production in recent years has shot up to record levels after accounting for just 2 billion cf/d in 2010, resulting in record gas storage injections, multiple pipeline expansion projects to remedy bottlenecks, and stabilized or decreased prices for the product.

GDF Suez has joined with Cameron LNG for the new liquid natural gas (LNG) plant planned for the US state of Louisiana. The plant is designed to produce and export up to 12 million tons of LNG per year. Production of the facility should be completed in 2019 at a cost of $10 billion.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk sees coal, used to generate 90% of his nation’s power, as a way for Europe to depend less on Russian natural gas.

China’s capital city, Beijing, has announced plans to ban the use of coal by the end of 2020 as the country fights deadly levels of pollution, especially in major cities.

India’s reliance on domestic coal has left many of its power stations starved for fuel, forcing electricity cuts throughout the country. Despite having the world’s third-largest coal reserves, a quarter of India’s 100 coal-fired power stations are short of supply with stocks of less than four days. A prolonged summer and below-normal monsoon rains have exacerbated the situation by raising electricity demand.


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