Abubakar Sambo in the Nigerian newspaper, The Moment, tells us about the impact the discovery of electricity has had on human existence.

The world today is entirely different from how our forefathers lived. The technologies of our forefathers and ours in the present world are remarkably different. All in a bit to make life easier and conveniently bearable to the people and enhanced quality in all that we do.

 The most remarkable factor that brought about such enhancements was the invention of electricity. Every other thing around us was made possible because of the presence of electricity.

Therefore, without such ‘factor’, communication over a distance can only be limited to our forefather’s mode of communication in the Stone Age, which was by using smoke, drums, signs, shouting or with symbols and so on.

The revolution brought by the Internet and communication technology was all possible because of electricity. We have televisions, radios, DVD players, satellite receivers, computers, printers, cars, aircraft, lamps, shavers, telephones, fans, camera and so on, all because of electricity.

Read the whole post and find out why electricity is important to Abubakar and the people of his country.

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