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  1. amir says:

    New Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Vsy CNG (Ydan) is t he way
    The first synthetic fuel stations in the city Bavi (Sheibani) will be opened in the near future. Combined fuel Bamsrf H2/ CNG amount of exhaust contaminants closer to zero than CNG charge duration increased it’s important to find alternative fuels and first Shaydazmvrd also be important, controversial Salmsazy and healthy environment is maintained. ignoring the problems of pollution Vrdhbvd combustion ago, officials in both countries have strict laws in recent decades that . it alarm for engine and vehicle manufacturers are Sdadravrd . The fuel is more than 15 years has been used in America, is expensive, dangerous, but because it still has not reached commercial status.
    This project will be the first project in the world will Bhrbrdary. Vbdlyl cheap hydrogen fuel Ydan so affordable, safe and able to compete with conventional fuels will. The cleaner fuel reduces emissions by 50 percent to 20 percent would increase engine efficiencies.
    Pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide will be reduced Bdvnmtan the new hair.

    The use of these fuel problems, discuss its affinity with oxygen transport and storage, and advocacy.
    Because of the widespread use of hydrogen fuel failures occurred in those countries were going to use gaseous fuels. In this respect, it is not no need in changing a gas engine Tbyy.
    Needless to say, the technology platform to jump to a hydrogen energy will،Hydrogen is predicted to be one of the fuels in internal combustion engines is the ultimate guarantee Generation Because of its origin is that water is abundant and where it would end. With the help of America’s energy secretary Dr. Ernest Mon iz , I want to serve humanity. In the new era, we hydrogen
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