Wind Power Monthly says that the newly elected government in Denmark has announced a target for half of all the country’s electricity demand to be met by windpower by 2020. Last year wind generated 25% of the country’s electricity demand.

Denmark is already close to meeting its EU 2020 target of 31% electricity from renewables. It is expected that the extra capacity needed to meet the new 50% target will mostly come from offshore wind projects, given the land shortage in the country.

The new Danish centre-left coalition government wants to phase out coal from electricity generation by 2030, and for all power and heat to come from renewable energy by 2035.




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1 Comment on Denmark To Get Half its Electricity From Wind by 2020

  1. Elroy Jetson says:

    It’ll be very interesting to see how the Danes make this work given the growing list of wind projects around the world that are shutting down due to reliability issues and diminishing subsidies. Good thing the Danes are accustomed to high taxes. Their energy costs won’t be falling anytime soon.