China is already the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.  At the same it is the largest and fastest-growing auto market.  Thus, China’s carbon footprint can only grow. To combat this China is spending tens of billions over the next decade in hopes it can transform the country into one of the leading producers of clean vehicles.  One plan is to  introduce electric taxis into its major cities.   The Climate Spectator reports on the success of a pilot project in  the city of Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, the cities of Paris and San Francisco have announced plans to make electric cars and charging stations available to citizens and visitors by the end of this year.

Paris is purchasing some 3000 electric cars and will rent them at any of 700 stations around the city.  The program will guarantee parking at each station.  If successful the program could be a model for countless other congested cities around the globe.

In San Francisco about 90 electric-vehicle chargers will be made available free of charge at city-owned parking garages and at San Francisco International Airport until the end of 2013,   Eventually the plans are for the Bay Area to have 2,750 new chargers, including 30 public “fast chargers,” which can recharge an electric car battery in 30 to 45 minutes. In addition, the city plants to establish a fleet of battery-powered taxis.


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