Source: US Energy Information Administration: International Outlook 2011


Clean Technica informs us that China is planning an explosive growth of nuclear facilities between now and 2035.

China plans to add far more new nuclear capacity than any other nation. China will add 106 GW of nuclear capacity by 2035. Despite some temporary delay after Fukushima, China aims to have 40 reactors by 2020 and, by 2030, enough additional reactors to generate more power than all 104 reactors in the US.
Having already encountered China’s rapid deployment of solar and wind power, no one is questioning its ability to meet is nuclear target. China has an ambitious plan to train an army of nuclear engineers and state ownership of the industry guarantees capital and relatively quick approvals of new plants.

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1 Comment on China Plans Astonishing Nuclear Power Surge by 2035

  1. Elroy Jetson says:

    Another reason why the rest of us need to build nuclear plants. If we are to compete in a global economy we can hardly expect to do so by relying on intermittent boutique power supplies while the Chinese have reliable steady power. There are problems to be addressed, to be sure, but whining that we can’t possibly solve those problems makes us losers, not competitors.