From we learn that the Cowichan Bio-diesel Cooperative in British Columbia is opening a commercial bio-diesel production and distribution system for southern Vancouver Island.  (See Coop website here.)

The facility will take waste vegetable oil from the public and local restaurants and recycle it into bio-diesel for local use.   Bio-diesel can be used to fuel any diesel engine with little or no modifications required.

For the past six years, the Coop has been supplying its members with 100% bio-diesel processed elsewhere from recycled cooking oil.  Now it is getting into the production and distribution business itself.

In the words of the Coop:

By basing this facility on bio-fuels produced and consumed through the recycling of locally available waste oil products, we are offering a truly sustainable alternative fuel option for transportation developed in our own community.

The project will also serve as a public education, demonstration and research facility for the advancement of bio-fuels and alternative energies.

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