Here is a nice little chart from Forbes showing which household electronic devices use the most energy in “off” mode.  If you leave the room or the house you might want to power those down entirely.

An alarmingly large number of electrical products cannot be truly turned off without being unplugged.  These ‘vampire’ products draw power 24 hours a day whether “on” or “off.” These devices draw so-called standby power when they are off…While a single device consumes very little in annual electricity use, when multiplied by several dozen products, you’re no longer talking about chump change.

The list ranks the most profligate electrical products based on the average number of watts they consume in “off” mode.



Clearly set top boxes are the biggest hogs but that plugged in laptop computer is also costing you money.  According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory which compiled the list, when it is turned on your laptop uses almost 30 watts but turned off (and plugged in) it is still using a third of that power or 8.9 watts.

The list does not mention HDTVs (plasma and LCD) but from homeone we find that turned off they draw 9 watts or about the same as that laptop.

So for those of you serious about conserving energy in your home you might want to go through this list and see what you can unplug when you leave the room.

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