autobloggreen carries a report from Pike Research predicting that DC charging stations for electric vehicles will be more prelevant in Asia than elsewhere by the end of this decade.

These charging stations enable EVs to recharge their batteries much faster, as much as an 80% recharge in 30 minutes.  As a result, they give drivers greater confidence they can make longer journeys in these vehicles.

Pike Research says it will be a while before the world is DC quick-charge-ready. The research firm predicts that shipments of DC charging units will grow from less than 3,000 globally in 2011 to more than 115,000 a year by 2017.

According to Pike, the Asia-Pacific region will lead the world in DC quick-charge installs by a substantial margin. In second place will be Western Europe and down in third place is North America. With less than 20,000 DC quick-charge stations headed (to North America) in 2017, discovering one outside of a major city may prove difficult.


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