Climate Spectator summarizes the views of several Australian academics about the expected economic and environmental impacts of Australia’s proposed carbon tax and subsequent emission’s trading system.  The Australian Parliament is to vote on the proposal in August.

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2 Comments on Academics Assess Australia’s carbon tax

  1. Jimbo says:

    Furraelz? That’s marvelously good to know.

  2. Elroy Jetson says:

    Dr. Perry makes an interesting remark when he says: “I worry about the overall impact of protecting the profits of industries that really shouldn’t be protected. If they’re dirty manufacturing, they shouldn’t be here.” Is he saying they should be in China or India? This is like California banning the production of cement powder with the result that this CO2-intensive production process merely gets shifted to neighbouring states, i.e. it’s a shell game. The artificiality of the so-called carbon market and its heavy regulation by politicians and bureaucrats ensures it will be neither effective in achieving its objectives nor cheap. The toughest question is posed by one of the readers who asks what is the ultimate relationship between Aussie costs and global benefits. Call me cynical, but there’s likely to be precious little benefit for the substantial costs that will be incurred.