We began Earth’s Energy 6 months ago and during that time we have put up over 400 postings on a wide variety of topics related to our planet’s energy resources.  We expected that oil, and particularly, peak oil would be a major issue along side the movement to renewable energy sources as the globe worries about depleting fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. We also expected the Fukushima tragedy and its impact on global energy policy to attract attention.

What we didn’t know is what topics our readers might find of interest. Now we do know. Thanks to the excellent website tools provided by Google and Word Press we are kept up to date with our most read posts. So we thought that the end of 2011 would be a good time to let you know the stories that most interested our readers since our entrance into cyberspace.

Solar power was what fascinated you the most.  Our most popular posting was Sunlight Grows Crops While Generating Electricity at Italian Greenhouse. This was followed closely by two other posts about the Desertec plan to use the sunny North African desert to bring electricity to that region as well as Europe. (Desertec Begins in Morocco and An Energy Utopia in the Sahara?)

Biofuels were also popular with the most read topics being algae (Can Algae Power Our Planet?), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Trees to Power Flight?), and turning plastic into fuel (Waste Plastic to Fuel Pilot Project).

You wanted to know about nuclear energy including how Fukushima will impact the growth of this energy source (Despite Japan, Nuclear Growth Will Continue), the prospects for thorium (Will Thorium Power the Globe?) and what the fuss over cold fusion is all about (Update on Cold Fusion).

Peak Oil was on your mind when you read Saudi Arabian Oil Exports in Decline and Are We Kidding Ourselves About Future Middle East/North Africa Crude Oil Production?

Finally you wanted to know what Russia was up to in the Caspian Sea region (Russia to Start A War in the Caspian Sea Over Petroleum Resources?), the future for geothermal energy in Africa (Kenya Turning to Geothermal Energy), what makes a green car green (How Do We Choose The Greenest Car?) and the thousands of abandoned wind turbines in the United States (US Has Endless Fields of Abandoned and Rusting Wind Turbines).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting this website this year and we hope we can bring you more posts of personal interest to each of you in 2012 as together we explore Earth’s Energy.


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